Sundaram Large and Mid Cap Fund

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Large & Mid Cap Fund - An open ended equity scheme investing in both large cap and mid cap stocks

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Fund Managers

Mr. S. KrishnaKumar

Fund Manager

Mr. Shiv Chanani

Sundaram Equity Multiplier

Fund overview
  • Sundaram Large and Mid Cap Fund is a multi-cap fund with 50-60% allocation to large caps and 40-50% to mid and small caps.
  • The investment strategy is a mix of top down and bottom-up approach with focus on absolute returns with a healthy mix of Multinational Companies’ stocks.

This fund is suitable for investors seeking capital appreciation by investing in equity & equity related instruments.

Performance Analysis:

* 0 - indicates No Value
Data as on Sep 2019
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Dividends declared in the last 2 years under Regular plan of the scheme
Record Date Percentage per unit NAV
12/10/2017 5.0 0.50 20.7522
20/07/2017 5.0 0.50 20.7189
11/04/2017 5.0 0.50 20.0972
11/01/2017 5.0 0.50 18.1708
07/10/2016 5.0 0.50 18.9151
Total dividends paid since inception - 65% - 6.50
Moderately High Risk

This product is suitable for investors who are seeking *

  • Long term capital growth.
  • Investment in equity & equity related securities in large and mid cap companies.

*Investors should consult their financial advisers if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them.

Past performance may or may not be sustained in future.

Fund Facts

Inception February 27, 2007
Scheme Type Large and Mid Cap Fund
Benchmark Nifty Large Mid Cap 250 Index (w.e.f. Sep 09, 2019)
Fund Manager S. Krishna Kumar
Investment Objective To seek capital appreciation by investing in equity & equity related instruments
Average AUM for the month of Crores
Plans Regular, Direct
Dividend – Payout, Reinvest, Sweep
Min. Initial Investment 100
Quarterly - 750
Monthly - 100
Weekly - 1,000
Min. Additional Purchase 100
Entry Load Not applicable
Exit Load (both plans) 1% (w.e.f. 23/07/2016) if Redeemed within 12 months from the date of allotment