Statutory Disclosures

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Asset class wise disclosure of AUM & AAUM

Rs. in Lakhs
Category of the Scheme AUM as on the last day of the Quarter Average AUM for the Quarter
Liquid Fund/Money Market Fund/ Floater Fund 471,411.41 694,031.81
Gilt Fund/ Glit Fund with 10 year constant duration 0 0.00
Remaining Income/ Debt Oriented Schemes 391,634.08 416,806.28
Growth/ Equity Oriented Schemes (Other than ELSS) 1,537,839.08 1,466,218.51
ELSS Funds 289,044.99 281,302.84
Hybrid Schemes 192,707.47 198,684.56
Solution Oriented Schemes 0 0.00
Index Funds 2,083.18 2,132.88
GOLD ETF 0 0.00
Other ETF 0 0.00
Fund of Fund investing overseas 2,129.80 2,133.49
Total 2,886,850.01 3,061,310.37


Disclosure of percentage of AUM by geography

Geographical Spread % of Total AUM as on the last day of the Quarter
Top 5 Cities 70.13%
Next 10 Cities 12.71%
Next 20 Cities 9.56%
Next 75 Cities 7.47%
Others 0.14%
Total 100.00%

Disclosure Of Executive Remuneration

  • SEBI vide its circular no. SEBI/HO/IMD/DF2/CIR/P/2016/42 dated March 18, 2016 has mandated the Mutual Funds /Asset Management Companies to make the following disclosures pertaining to a financial year on the MF/AMC website under a separate head - 'Remuneration':
  • Name, designation and remuneration of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and Chief Operations Officer (COO) or their corresponding equivalent by whatever name called
  • Name, designation and remuneration received of all employees of MF/AMC whose:
  • Name, designation and remuneration received of all employees of MF/AMC whose: a. Annual remuneration was equal to or above INR 60 lakh for that year. b. Monthly remuneration in the aggregate is not less than INR 5 lakh per month, if the employee is employed for a part of the financial year.
  • The ratio of CEO's remuneration to median remuneration of MF/AMC employees.
  • MF's total AAUM, debt AAUM and equity AAUM and rate of growth over last three years.
    The underlying objective of the said SEBI circular was to promote transparency in remuneration policies so that executive remuneration is aligned with the interest of investors, MFs /AMCs
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  • Details of remuneration of executives and other personnel of Sundaram Asset Management Company Limited