Central Distributor Services

At present, Distributor data is being maintained by each AMC .Hence the distributors submit their change details requests to each of the AMCs, which has empanelled them. Since the present process is cumbersome for the Distributors and AMCs, AMFI has introduced 'Central Distributor Services' to simplify the process in this regard.

Association of Mutual Funds of India (AMFI) has appointed Computer Age Management Services (CAMS) to provide ARN services to AMFI for the last 10 years. AMFI has advised all the AMCs to use its Central distributor database to populate distributor details like address, contact person, contact details, etc.

AMCs, RTAs will send a data request to CAMS for ARNs empanelled by them. CAMS in return will provide the information of the concerned Distributor. Subsequently, when changes are effected in a Distributor's data, these changes will be transmitted to AMCs / RTAs by CAMS

The "Central Distributor Services" has become operational with effect from January 15, 2013.

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