Sundaram Alternative Opportunities Fund - Nanocap Series I

A Close Ended - Category III Alternative Investment Fund


Sundaram Alternative Opportunities Fund - Nano Cap Series I is a close-ended Category III Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) which aims to generate absolute total returns by investing in stocks with a market cap of less than Rs 1000 crores. Nano Cap space offers the high potential for wealth creation over the long term as it is the under invested, under researched segment between venture capital firms and small-caps.Sundaram Asset Management Co. Ltd. is the Investment Manager.


Portfolio Construction

  • Bottom up approach to portfolio construction
  • No of stocks to be between 15 and 25 averaging around 20
  • Sector agnostic
  • Buy and Hold approach
  • Disciplined profit booking if single stock exposure exceeds 20% of portfolio
  • Stock Selection on fundamentals like: sound business model with visible growth and profits, management’s focus on creating shareholder wealth, strong financials – efficient capital allocation, high return ratios.

Key Features

  • Access to Niche Investment and Research Capabilities: The fund will provide access to extensive research, stock ideas, specialized knowledge and vast experience of the Investment Manager.
  • Active Alpha Generation: The fund will generate alpha by investing in a concentrated portfolio of 15-25 high conviction stocks which are under researched and under invested.
  • Flexibility of AIF Structure Ideal for Nano Cap Investments: The close-ended nature and the limited liquidity requirements of the AIF structure, allows the Investment Manager to follow an absolute return approach instead of a relative return without short term performance pressure. This proves ideal for nano cap stocks as investment in them require patience, to witness alpha and a discplined exit.
  • Early Gate to Book Profits: The Fund offers voluntary wind down and distribution if 25% CAGR (pretax net of fees) is achieved at end of 3 years.
  • Long Term Orientation: No new investments other than existing companies post 3 years of final closing.

Fund Manager Profile

Madanagopal Ramu is the Fund Manager for Sundaram PMS and Sundaram Alternate Investment Funds Category III. He currently manages an AUM of over Rs.1300 Crores of Sundaram PMS. Madan joined Sundaram Mutual fund in 2010 as a Research Analyst, from Centrum Broking and has made rapid progress during his tenure in Sundaram AMC. He became Head of Research in April 2015 and started actively managing funds from January 2016. Madan comes with strong academic qualifications. He is a qualified Cost Accountant and has a Management degree from BIM Trichy.
Madan has vast experience being Head of Equity Research for Sundaram AMC Ltd. He was the Joint Fund Manager for Sundaram Infrastructure Advantage Fund, Sundaram Equity Multiplier, Sundaram Value Fund series of close ended funds and Sundaram Long Term Tax Advantage series of close ended funds. Equity Multiplier Fund is a 4 star rated fund by Value Research and Infrastructure Advantage Fund is ranked ‘2’ by CRISIL. Both the funds are quartile 1 funds based on their last 1 year performance.


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